Friday, April 10, 2009

Crazy Times

I always thought when my kids got older my life wouldn't be so CRAZY!!!! "Boy," was I wrong!The last month has been crazy, First, Sasha was going to a movie with some friends when the road she was driving on merged, so she sped up to get in front of a car and it pissed the guy off. He road her butt and was brighten her with his lights so, Sasha got scared and turn into a neighborhood to loose him. Which he followed her.... long story short. He rammed into the back of her totaling the car and she got a good case of whip lash. The kicker of this story is the A#* hole that hit her was 46 years old. JERK!!!! More to the story is that David almost went to jail that night!!! Sasha forgot her license and so we when down to give it to her and of course when David found out that is was some old guy that hit her and than the A#$ hole told the cops that Sasha put it into reverse and back into him that is what broke the camels back. Cops don't like you coming into there scene telling that "I don't need your attitude!" and "I'm not going anywhere!" with a chest butt! Ya they don't like that at all. Well, you all know David by time the cop was done. Him and David were best friends.
Sasha, also went to Rivertons Junior prom and is going the Murry's prom on Saturday. She has so many boys wanting her to be their girlfriend. But she is one cool charter. That's what i love about her!
Sasha also has a very important Stake calling. We are going to have two Temples finish here in the valley. The church is going the do a Temple celebration for the two Temples, which they have never done here. It is always done in other countries. Well our stake is the host stake and are in charge 5 stakes in the southwest part of the valley. Our stake president need one priest and one laurel the represent the 5 stakes. Well my Sasha is that Laurel! Cool huh!!! She has already had to speak in 3 stakes and more to come, Help make a video and blogspot!!! We are so proud of her and what a great experience!!
Second, Shaylei met this great guy and sent him on a mission on March 18, 2009. What a experience! Now I know why the Lord gave me girls!!!! That was so hard. I can't imagine how his Mom felt! Although Shaylei had a very stressful week and got very very sick we have all made it! It is so fun to read his letters and go though this experience with Shaylei. We send him packages and write him letters. We hope Shay will wait for him, but a least the bar for who ever she dates just got alot higher. We are very proud of Trace and know he will be a very successful missionary!
Shaylei is also my little business owner, She is making this cool watches and beautiful jewelry. I take her stuff to work and the ladies freak out!!!
We had one of the Doctors wives order 27 of her watches!!! Great little side job Huh!
Kenadie has started soccer again. She is doing very well. Her coach is putting her in as a forward and the sweeper. She is loving playing the field and is very aggressive. The other day they were playing a game and the ref pulled Kenadie a side and told her if she gets one more foul he would give her a yellow card! I have NEVER seen a 11 yr old GIRL get a yellow card! Do you think that stopped her. Nope!!!! She did foul again, but no yellow card.
Kenadie is also dancing on Wednesdays and his a big performance in May. That's why I love her!She can get all mean and sweaty on the soccer field. And then have her hair all pretty and the best little dancer on the stage!!!
Britt and Brady are doing great! Britt is doing well and working for a eye doctor and loving it! Brady is staying busy painting.
Britt has her own little ninch. She is very good at floral arrangement. She has made some very cute Easter stuff!!
We have talked about the three of us , Me, Britt, and Shay starting are own business! How fun would that be!!!
David is still working hard and getting sick of no weekends off and not being able to watch soccer games.... So if anyone knows of a good M-F , 8:00 to 5:00 job let us know!
We hope all is well with you, and I will try not to go 1 1/2 months again not blogging!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brady's custom paint job!!!!



So, I wanted to show everyone my new upstairs......... Brady my son-in-law offered to paint my whole upstairs. He did such a great job. I have all sorts of custom things done, from flaux,to custom tiles under my back splash to pinstripes on my bedroom wall!!! (which David HATES HATES but I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! ) He just not up on the hip colors. THANK YOU BRADY !!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Senior Ball...Sick Kid...New Addition...WOW

Were do I begin.......
Sasha was asked to the Senior Ball, by and Senior of course. She looked so beautiful.
She was so funny because she didn't quit know what to do with her self. Between the dress, gloves and heaven for bid the PURSE!!!!!
She made me laugh because it was a little hand bag and she didn't know weather to hang it on her arm or put it under her armpit.
Long story short her date got sick and was throwing-up all night and the date was cut short. But if you know Sasha she made the most of it and had a good time.

Shaylei, Shaylei Shaylei.... ever since she was a baby if she was sick, she always got it 10 times worst that anyone else. That didn't change this week. Last Tuesday she came home from work with a headache and throwing-up. Wednesday throwing-up, Thursday throwing- up, Friday throwing-up..... 2 bags if IV fluids, feeling a little better. Friday night throwingup..............Saturday a blessing , feeling a little better. Sunday a little better, Monday alot better. Tuesday all better, YeH!!!!!

Our new addition.... No I'm not pregnent nor did I have a baby (thank goodness)

As many of you know we are dog lovers and have two dogs Chase and Diesel.
Well and friend at work was looking online for a German Shepherd. I just happen to be up at her desk. She clicked on this picture and their was a beautiful female. My friend started to click through the pictures and it was Diesel's sister. I called David and the next thing you know she is living with us:}
Call us CRAZY but if any of you know Diesel you know why we couldn't pass her up. She is very sweet and Diesel just loves her. He is always giving her kisses.
Her name is Sara, but we are changing it to Sage. The way it's going her nickname will be Sis.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Needing a little help!!

So the other day I received a E-mail from a neighbor of mine, who received a the E-mail from someone else and someone else and so on.
The original E-mail was sent from a woman in our neighborhood who I don't know, she had a son who was killed in a auto accident in October and of course was devastated. Who would'nt be.
See had run into our local dollar store here in Herriman to grab some little bags for a primary class. The owner of the store asked her where she had been lately.
Not wanting to tell him her sorrow she turned the conversation to him. His store was not doing well and were closing there doors in a few days. He was probably going to lose everything.
He poor ed out his heart to her and she could feel his pain.
She then told him of her loss and they both hugged and knew of each others pain.
Not even knowing this gentleman's name she went home and wrote up this e-mail retelling the story I just told you and asking anyone to just go to the dollar store and buy 5.00 to 20.00 dollars of anything to help this man out. Everything was half off a dollar!!!
Me and Kenadie on are way home last Thursday stop at the dollar store and loaded up a on anything we could find.
We went to the check out with all of 50 cent treasures and the owner was a the cash register.
While he was ringing us up, I told him that we were going to miss him and his store. He quietly told me thank you, and told me my total.
I touched his hand and looked him in the eyes and said I want you to know that I am here because of a e-mail I received from a neighbor. He looked at me and got tears in his eyes and said I am aware of that e-mail. I would like you to go home and reply to your original email and tell them of my gratitude and thank them with all my heart.
The woman next in line looked at him and said I'm here because of the same e-mail. He just shook his head and said THANK YOU....... He told us that his store as been very busy since the e-mail went out and he was very grateful for the support of total strangers!
When me and Kenni got in the car she said "That was cool Mom, we helped him out and got lots of cool things."
It just made me think that we don't know what someone is going through, but if we take the time to ask it can make a big difference :}

Friday, January 9, 2009

~ My 4 Girls~

What Can I Say....... All Beautiful and full of life :} Love you !!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year!

Today I am going to follow in my younger sister and niece foot steps and start blogging. I have so much fun following them and there families. I want everyone to enjoy are family as well . So here we go!!!!!! What a great year.

Brittney and Brady are doing well, Brady is busy painting and being so sweet to our Brittney. We love him for that because we know she can be hard to live with. lol (just kidding Britt) Brittney just got a new job working for a eye doctor being his assistant and liking it very much. We love them very much and are proud of them.

Shaylei graduated last year. We are so proud of her she ended with a 3.4 grade point average and has plans to attend SLCC or Snow college this fall. She is working for an orthodontist full time and having alot of fun with her friend Kenzie. She makes us laugh everyday. We are very proud of her and love her lots!!

Sasha is working with me after school and everyone loves her. She is taking a break from soccer but plans to go to a tournment in St George in Febuary. Sasha ended the soccer season last year 3rd in the STATE!!!! What a Stud!!!! Love ya Sash !

Kenadie is doing everything playing soccer,basketball and taking dance,and loving all of it. She is such a good mix of all the girls she can get down and dirty and foul out almost every basketball game because she is so aggressive, and then be the prettiest dancer on the stage. She is so much fun. Love ya Kenni

David is doing well working six days a week for us. I love him so much. He is a great dad and husband. He is always thinking of others and making everyone around him happy. Thanks for everything you do for us honey!!!!!! I LOVE YOU.

I'm still working at TOSH and as you have just read running to soccer. basketball and dance, but loving every minute of it. I love being a mom and wife and would'nt change anything about it!!!

We had to put Jake down this last July. It was tough but we know his in a better place. We have Chase are sheltie and Diesel are new German Shepherd. They are a part of the family and we love them.

We hope all is well with your families,


The Andersons


Where does the Blonde hair and Blue eyes come from?????????


anyone need a MODEL ???


love the SMILE :)

Shay and Keni

Shay and Keni